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A safari in Africa is not a journey like any other: it is a unique and unforgettable experience, to try at least once in your life. Spend a holiday full of adventure, among the majestic African landscapes and the countless species of animals present in the region, each time offers strong emotions, which change the way we look at the world. However, Africa is a complex continent , so we must rely on specialized tour operators, able to organize a safari in Africa without unexpected events and in line with their needs.

In this guide we will see which are the best safaris in Africa in 2019 , offering an interesting starting point to understand where to go and how to organize your journey to discover the mysteries of the savannah. A safari represents a real immersion in the African culture , between the beauty of the wild nature and the suggestion provoked by majestic animals, such as lions and rhinos, seen directly in their natural habitat. Here then are the most sought-after destinations for safaris in Africa in 2019.

The best safari in Africa of 2019
Among travelers’ favorite destinations for safaris in Africa is Uganda , the home of gorillas, a country located in East Africa and characterized by a varied nature and abundant wildlife. Among the ideal places for a safari there is the Bwindi National Park , a dense forest almost impenetrable against the mountains, where it is possible to spot rare gorilla specimens in their natural environment. Equally suggestive are the Murchison waterfalls , a protected area of ​​great naturalistic value, with forests and grasslands, kingdom of hippos and elephants.

One of the best choices is also a safari in Botswana , whose territory was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014. In this case it is possible to organize an adventure trip, with guided excursions between the arid Kalahari desert and the flourishing areas of the Okavango river , which offers naturalistic oases lined with buffalo herds, antelopes and elephants along its path. In the presence of prey can not miss the predators, from lions to leopards, which in this area there are always and are easy to observe.

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