Grand tour of Campania: a nine-step itinerary

The Grand Tour was a long journey that was made by young men of European aristocracy in the seventeenth century.

He planned a tour of continental Europe in order to perfect their knowledge. This trip could last a few months but also several years. The final destination was almost always Italy. The Campania Region has recreated a nine-stage tour in the footsteps of the classic Grand Tour. We start from Naples and touch the most significant places including Vesuvius, the Amalfi Coast and the islands. Here are the nine must-see stops .

1st stage – Naples
The first stage includes a tour of some of the most important places in the capital of Campania that include museums, churches and hidden treasures. There are several routes to follow in the cities that touch Piazza Trieste e Trento , Castel dell’Ovo , Mergellina, the Duomo, the Catacombs …

2nd stage – Campi Flegrei These
include a vast area of ​​volcanic nature located to the north-west of Naples. “Flegrei” comes from the Greek flègo which means “burn”. In the area at least 24 craters and volcanic buildings are still recognizable , some of which have effusive gaseous manifestations (Solfatara area) or hydrothermal (at Agnano , Pozzuoli , Lucrino ), as well as causing the phenomenon of bradyseism. Geologically the area of ​​the Phlegraean Fields is a large caldera in a state of quiescence with a diameter of 12-15 km in the main part, where there are numerous craters, small volcanic buildings and areas of fumaroles and thermal springs

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